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Half-Day Boat Tour Itinerary

Set sail to discover the Agrigento coast on an exciting boat trip! The tour begins at the tourist port of San Leone, where you will climb aboard and begin an unforgettable adventure among breathtaking views and crystal clear waters.

What the tour includes:

  • Boat navigation along the Agrigento coast (Navigation has variable times)

  • Swimming stop at the Scala dei Turchi (About 35 minutes)

  • Swimming stop at the Madonnina cove (about 35 minutes)

  • Swimming stop at the Saracen tower of Siculiana near Giallonardo (about 30 minutes)

  • Expert Skipper

  • Life jackets and floats

  • Fresh water on board

Departure and first leg of navigation:

Sailing along the coast, immediately outside the port, you will admire the port of San Leone and the Akragas river, a waterway rich in history and charm. You will be able to see the city of Agrigento and its majestic temples overlooking the sea, offering a unique glimpse.

Continuing, while sailing you will immerse yourself in the beauty of the bay of Maddalusa and Kaos, places dear to Pirandello and guardians of an evocative atmosphere. The tour continues towards the commercial port of Porto Empedocle, and then reaches the first stop of the renowned Scala dei Turchi of Realmonte.


The Scala dei Turchi, with its white walls eroded by the wind and the sea, represents a true jewel of Sicily. Today it is forbidden to climb it and it is recommended to see it by boat. The Scala dei Turchi, in Realmonte (Agrigento), is a white marl cliff that rises majestically above the sea, creating a breathtaking panorama. Its name derives from its stepped shape, similar to those used by Turkish pirates to land.

A natural work of art: shaped by wind and water over millennia, the Scala dei Turchi is an icon of Sicily and one of its most popular attractions.

Immersed in history: its strategic position has made it a point of reference for various populations, from Phoenicians to Greeks, Romans and Arabs.

Paradise for sea lovers: crystal clear waters and seabeds rich in marine life (in winter) make it perfect for snorkeling and diving. Visitors in summer can swim and bathe from the boat. If you want to know more you can learn more here.


Resuming navigation, you will head towards the Realmonte lighthouse and the Gucciarda fortress.

Second stop:

The second stop will be in front of the Madonnina cove, right under the mountain with the lighthouse. An uncontaminated place with turquoise waters and seabeds rich in marine life. Unfortunately, access by boat to the cove is prohibited for environmental protection reasons, but you can still admire it from the sea and immerse yourself in its clear waters during a stop of about 30 minutes. The place is called this because of the statue of the Madonna set in the rock, the inhabitants of the town have always been very religious. To learn more click here.


After visiting the lighthouse and the Madonnina area, we will make a short trip towards the tower.

Last stop:

The last stop of the tour is at the Saracen tower of Monterosso, located next to Giallonardo beach. Here you can take a final refreshing dive into deeper waters and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Sicilian coast. The Tower of Monterosso, dating back to the first half of the 16th century, was part of the sighting and defense system developed by Emperor Charles V to protect the Sicilian coasts from Saracen pirates. It consists of a truncated pyramid base, presumably used as a warehouse, and an upper floor, where a small garrison was housed, which was accessed via a staircase connected by a drawbridge. Due to its location and architectural characteristics it can be considered among the best examples of sixteenth-century watchtowers in all of Sicily. If you want to learn more click here.

Return to port:

Finally, the boat will return to the port of San Leone, concluding an unforgettable experience discovering the wonders of Sicily.

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